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One of our goals as an organization is to be the best place to work in the software consulting industry, and we're building a culture that is rewarding, open, people-friendly, and committed to attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry.
Our values lie behind the high quality of our work environment:
We value our customer.
We view ourselves as trusted partners for our clients and respect their priorities and objectives in delivering solutions that are on time, on budget, and exceed their expectations. We focus on delivering value to our clients and know that we succeed when they succeed
We value technical excellence.
Few consulting firms deliver the cutting-edge, high-performance data solutions that Sonawane implements. And we intend to maintain our focus on exploiting the most advanced technologies in fresh and innovative ways to solve industry's most complex data problems.
We value our people.
We choose carefully in the recruiting process and make a long-term commitment to create an environment that is rich in opportunity, respectful, collaborative, and people-friendly for those who join us. In all compensation programs, career development opportunities, project assignments, recognition programs, and communications, we consider what we need to keep employees motivated and energetically focused. We also know that family priorities matter most to employees and are supportive when issues arise.
We value open communication.
You'll find a two-way organizational structure at Sonawane, which encourages open communications, mutual trust, and ethical behavior at all levels in the company. In addition, we sponsor more formal communication channels, including regular all-employee meetings, monthly newsletters and news flashes, monthly conference call updates for project managers, and a frequently refreshed Knowledge Base. The health of the business, sales pipeline activity, financial performance, challenges and opportunities—all are openly shared with the employees of Sonawane.
We value collaboration and cooperation.
Because we know we must work together to achieve our common vision, collaboration and cooperation is the path of choice. In the same way that communications are open, information is freely shared among project teams, across departments, and among senior management.
We value entrepreneurship and action.

Led by an experienced team of proven entrepreneurs, Sonawane remains true to its entrepreneurial roots, with a bias for action, a respect for personal initiative, and a focus on results. We're a company on the move—and we're moving fast

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