09/18/2007 Sonawane WebDynamics Inc. and buchanan-edwards Inc.(B& E) formed joint partnership to support Fairfax county on various Documentum based task to enhance the content management system for county's judicial branch.  B&E Sonawane will support B&E with Fairfax County effort by providing Documentum expertise. Specifically, Sonawane will provide Documentum Architecture Support to review the Documentum Architecture as it is installed within the Fairfax County DHS. Additionally, Sonawane will provide further support  to review the documented requirements and meet with the stakeholders of the various subcomponents of DHS (JDRC, CYF, OFC, and SS). The Sonawane resources will work will B&E to develop a “Gap Analysis” that will describe the current Documentum system / implementation, the target Documentum system / implementation, and the key high level requirements that drive the target system design.