01/22/2007 DTS uses an Oracle database to store enterprise-level data about DoD personnel travel. DTS has implemented a number of reports using tools developed by Cognos. The DTS Program desires to expand on existing data analysis and reporting capabilities to enhance the users’ view of DTS utilization, transactions, performance, and similar data. In addition, users desire greater access to manipulate data. The enhancement of data reporting and analysis capabilities requires development of a suitable infrastructure to meet user requirements without negatively impacting the performance of the online transaction processing database.

Specific Tasks
It is envisioned that tasks will be performed on a time and materials (T&M) basis as directed by Northrop Grumman personnel. Tasks generally will be performed at the Northrop Grumman facilities at Fair Lakes, Virginia. Initial tasks include:
1.0 Sonawane personnel will support efforts to define the strategy for developing a suitable production infrastructure that supports enhanced capabilities for DTS’ enterprise-level data reporting and analysis.
2.0 Sonawane personnel will adapt existing DTS reports to better apply the capabilities of the Cognos tool set provided by the Program Management Office (PMO)-DTS as Government-Furnished equipment.
3.0 Sonawane personnel will support the preparation and presentation of briefings to the PMO-DTS and other Government personnel to identify approaches, provide status for ongoing efforts, and present products developed under this effort.