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Accenture has been an Informatica Premier Consulting Partner since 1999. Accenture has more than 1250 trained consultants, as well as Informatica product champions with deep expertise in Informatica’s products throughout North America, Europe and India. Accenture has implemented Informatica software in over 250 successful global deployments for approximately 125 joint clients across all industries. Several repeatable Accenture solutions have been built around Informatica software, including the Accenture Integration Accelerator, End-to-End Data Conversion Services, Business Activity Monitoring, and a Trading Risk Management solution.
BearingPoint has been an Informatica Premier Consulting Partner since 1998. Integration is a key business focus for BearingPoint, and Informatica is an important BearingPoint integration partner. BearingPoint maintains over 200 consultants on staff trained on the use and implementation of Informatica software.

Together, BearingPoint and Informatica have satisfied the needs of over 50 customers worldwide in the public sector, financial services, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, and other industry sectors.
Informatica and IBM have had a formal relationship since 1998. IBM Global Services is a global reseller of Informatica software and Informatica is an IBM Premier Partner. Informatica and IBM are committed to enabling organizations to leverage their mainframe and midrange-based data within decision support, operations, or integrated business processes. The two industry leaders are working together to deliver packaged integration solutions for every IBM platform and data source so that companies can gain maximum value from their IBM investments and legacy data. IBM’s Software Group and Informatica are also jointly developing and marketing customer solutions, including solutions for Basel II Risk Management, Integrated Supply Chain, Business Performance Monitoring, and Data Migration.

IBM and Informatica engage in joint research and development and joint marketing and sales activities to ensure that customers receive the best solutions. Informatica products are featured in IBM's San Mateo Customer Center. IBM has engineers, consultants, and pre-sales solution architects trained on Informatica products and available to assist joint customers. With more than 400 IBM consultants trained on Informatica software, two solutions currently in the market, and over 350 joint customers worldwide, the partnership has proven a win-win for customers, IBM, and Informatica.

Infosys has been an Informatica Premier Consulting Partner since 2002. The company has successfully completed more than 20 Informatica implementations, including a number of operational data integration projects requiring solutions for Single View of the Customer, Real-time Data Synchronization, and HIPAA. Infosys has also implemented Informatica software for traditional business intelligence and data warehousing projects.

Infosys has more than 80 people trained on Informatica software and Informatica's products are featured in Infosys' Informatica Alliance Center in Bangalore, India.
Tata Consultancy Services has been an Informatica partner since 1998. As a Premier Consulting Partner, TCS has established an Informatica Center of Excellence to service their Enterprise Information Integration and Analytics customers. TCS is a global reseller of Informatica products and has performed more than 50 successful software implementations. TCS has created a methodology which uniquely positions them to deliver global business intelligence solutions based on the ‘business intelligence for decision support’ (BIDS) methodology for deploying business intelligence and data integration software, including Informatica’s.

TCS has over 300 associates trained on Informatica software products and well over 200 person-years of Informatica product experience. TCS's Data Migration Factory offering is built on Informatica software and Informatica products are featured in TCS' Center of Excellence in Mumbai, India.
Wipro has been an Informatica partner since 1998 and achieved the Premier Consulting Partner level in 2003. The company resells Informatica software and retains more than 300 Informatica trained personnel on staff. Wipro invests and maintains an Informatica Center of Excellence in Bangalore, India. This team is dedicated to supporting their development teams and customers worldwide. Wipro has completed nearly 40 successful customer implementations of Informatica software globally.

A global leader in management and technology consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton provides services to major international corporations and government clients around the world.

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