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  SSOware & Business Objects Documentum Connectors
This module is key plug in code to integrate your BI application with corporate security repository. User authentication will be then enforced at single repository. With LDAP becoming the de-facto standard for single point of security, administration management, this module gives best value for corporate. It also saves lot of efforts about supporting stand-alone BI security domain.
Our product is committed to supporting centralized access control and ensuring secure business intelligence (BI) deployments. SSOWARE support centralized security in a number of ways:
User authentication: As BI users login, the Business Objects system can authenticate them by delegating security authentication to a centralized security system whether LDAP directory or SSO system.
Import/export users. Users can be imported/exported to/from a centralized security system LDAP directory/SSO system to feed a Business Objects repository or the LDAP/SSO system for further application-level user management.
User management. Business Objects provides security connectors to your LDAP which you can use to manage users in one place: LDAP and inherit access profiles from the Business Objects security system. This helps you streamline user-management and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) from your BI deployment.
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