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09/01/2010 Sonawane has been selected as major sub-contractor by the FDA prime contractor to provide Business Intelligence services support. Our team will be developing data reporting and analysis solution which will be used by FDA's various CDER offices like Office of New Drug Applications, Office of Generic Drug application and other major CDE offices. This effort will have scope of building various data marts for targeted use and state of the art ETL (Informatica) technology.
05/01/2010 Sonawane is in discussion with Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (NGMS) to provide further Business Intelligence support using Cognos MR8 technology to convert the DTS (Defense Travel System) legacy reports scheduler module. This conversion will take DTS user's reporting and data analysis ability to next level with very small learning curve.
09/04/2009 Sonawane-Radus team has been awarded another year of extension as a part of existing DRBI contract. During this option year Snowman team will be supporting DARRTS 3.0 reports as well as ICT21 support to FDA. Our team is also planning to provide more report conversion support using Business Objects technology for various pre-market FDA satellite systems.
05/01/2009 Sonawane team has successfuly helped FDA to convert various Legecy Refresh systems reports from SQR technology to Business Objects XI R2 technology. We have successfuly converted 70+ reports and successfuly deployed them to production environment. Sonawane team has completed this task in record amount of time for all Legecy systems.
03/01/2009 Sonawane has been awarded separate task order to migrate the existing Defence Travel System (DTS) Cognos and Informatica based datamart solution to Cognos MR8 environment. We will be also helping the prime contractor NGMS to migrate the hardware resources to contractor hosted data center.
09/01/2009 General Service Agency (GSA) awarded Sonawane three year schedule 70 award. This contract vehicle will help Sonawane team to market Business Intelligence (BI) Services to various Federal agencies on expedited pace. Sonawane has been awarded BI services specific labor categories which will enable us to provide resources wide range of skill set at various price levels.
09/04/2008 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been awarded Data Reporting and Business Intelligence (DRBI) contract to our partner Radus software. Radus has selected Sonawane as minority partner to execute this task, where Sonawane-Radus team will create the Data Analysis and Reporting solution to track various Drug Approval Applications statuses. This solution will help FDA to meet various Drug Safety specific goals.
07/01/2008 Sonawane has been awarded another extension year to help FDA on Office of regulatory affairs decision support system, Sonawane will be providing Business Objects reports development support to Business Intelligence Branch and maintaining existing systems module. This system has been deployed to 1000+ FDA users across various centers and district offices more >>
04/08/2008 Sonawane has been selected to work with CDER's prime contractor to provide business intelligence support related to DAARTS program. Sonawane team will be establishing best practices, standard and other mandatory Business Intelligence Infrastructure. Sonawane team will also provide report conversion support to convert legacy SQR report to Business Objects platform. Sonawane will also working on developing reports related to all satellite system.
03/10/2008 KForce and Sonawane are teamed up to help the local county government to help on the Business Intelligence staffing needs in the area of Cognos, Business Objects, Hyperion and MS Reporting Services program areas. Our clients will benefits from Sonawane’s technical expertise and KForce's staff augmentation expertise in Business Intelligence and ETL area.
03/07/2008 Dovel has awarded Sonawane follow-on task order to help DTS program to support sustainment and operational support activities in the area of Cognos support. This is second option year extension which will allow Sonawane technical staff to work with NGMS requirements, supports and operations team to provide enhancement support for DTS Cognos module.   more >>
03/18/2008 Sonawane and Radus have placed joint partnership to market combine data architecture and Business Intelligence services to federal clients. Sonawane has strong background in delivering Business Intelligence services in financial, compliance and tracking domains. Radus has served various federal organizations and provided data architecture support to integrate and share information across various centers.
03/15/2008 Sonawane has been awarded DTS Business Intelligence engineering Study task to analyze the current architecture and propose the improved, easy to use and cost effective platform. This platform will enable DTS business users to use Cognos ad-hoc query features and other power analysis capabilities to understand the DTS data better and create more savings on travel costs. more >>
02/01/2008 Sonawane WebDynamics has been selected by Platinum Solutions as one of key partner to support Business Intelligence tasks for one of large federal agency. Sonawane will be providing data architecture, front end report development and setting up data analysis infrastructure for business users.
09/18/2007 Sonawane WebDynamics Inc. and Buchanan & Edwards Inc.(B& E) formed joint partnership to support Fairfax county on various Documentum based task to enhance the content management system for county's judicial branch. B&E Sonawane will support B&E with Fairfax County effort by providing Documentum expertise. Specifically, Sonawane will provide Documentum Architecture Support to review the Documentum Architecture as it is installed within the Fairfax County DHS. Additionally, Sonawane will provide further support to review the documented requirements and meet with the stakeholders of the various subcomponents of DHS (JDRC, CYF, OFC, and SS). The Sonawane resources will work will B&E to develop a “Gap Analysis” that will describe the current Documentum system / implementation, the target Documentum system / implementation, and the key high level requirements that drive the target system design.
08/13/2007 Sonawane has been awarded custom training contract for DTS business users which will help DTA's to jump start the Defense Travel System's Cognos module to analyze the travel data. This training will be attended by various users from DoD agencies, services and organizations.  more >>
04/15/2007 Sonawane Sonawane Sonawane WebDynamics, a leader in Business Intelligence custom solutions, and Nortel Government Solutions have formed a strategic relationship to provide county government agencies to provide a joint solution for document management and Enterprise Content Management. Sonawane will also provide lead architect support related to Business Objects Technology to Nortel's federal client at various agencies.
01/01/2007 Northrop Grumman choosen Sonawane to support efforts to define the strategy for developing a suitable production infrastructure that supports enhanced capabilities for DTS’ enterprise-level data reporting and analysis. more >>
01/01/2007 Sonawane WebDynamics is pleased to announce  partnership with Dovel Technologies in the Business Intelligence development project of the Defense Travel System. Dovel Technologies more >>
03/20/2006 Equant awarded support and enhancement contract to maintain Global Order Entry system. Sonawane will help Equant to move the Global Order Entry system operation to offshore facility. more >>
02/01/2006 Equant awarded user portal and billing reporting contract to sonawane for Sales to Cash group. Sonawane will provide Equant state of art data analysis system which will allow product manager to trace the various staging of customer billing. more >>
12/01/2005 FDA's prime contractor BOOZ ALLEN & HAMILTON has awared support contract to assist BOOZ ALLEN team to build Office of Regulatory Affaire's warehouse. ORADSS is a centralized data warehouse, which is being implemented more >>
10/13/2005 FDA's prime contractor BOOZ ALLEN & HAMILTON has awarded support contract to assist BOOZ ALLEN team to migrate existing SQR and myEureka reports to Business Objects technology. more >>
3/20/2005 General Services Administration awarded GSA schedule to Sonawane, this will help Sonawane to market its BI solutions to various BI solutions. more >>
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